A look at the new super-thin Solar Paper Charger

Have you ever run out of battery at the worst possible moment? Or perhaps you have a power bank that just ran out and you wished that it could have lasted a little longer. That is no longer a worry with the new perpetual charger; the Solar Paper.


Solar Paper is currently the thinnest and lightest personal solar charger in the world. By taking advantage of the unlimited solar energy available, it is able to utilize this opportunity with 1.5 mm thin solar sheets in order to charge your electronics. Incorporated to the solar sheets are a USB port and an LCD located on one side with a thickness of 1.1 cm. So the LCD tells you how much charge the device has at any current time. The total package weighs about 120 grams so it’s extremely lightweight.

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Regarding the capacity of the product, it comes with different charging configurations depending on the charging requirements; a smartphone or a tablet for example. Each solar panel has an output of 2.5W and currently, 2.5W, 5W, 7.5W, and 10W configurations are available. The 10W configuration can charge a tablet. Smart Paper also has a very attractive flexibility with respect to varying charge requirements. It has embedded magnets that allow you to add or remove solar panels to or from the Solar Paper according to your needs. Solar Paper has been on a Kickstarter funding campaign for almost a month and have already raised $630,000; their initial goal was $50,000. So we expect that Solar Paper will hit production once the first round is over and starts shipping in September. The 5W Solar Paper, which has 2 panels, would cost you about $70. This means that should you request the products with higher capacity, you would pay a little higher.