7 bizarre inventions that made fortunes!

The world is moved by ideas. But creating something that has never been done before? How to make your product a success? How do you invent something that is clever enough to create interest in buyers?

Some people decide to develop truly useful products that change the way we think and act. However, some people are nothing short of lucky to make fortunes out of useless silly products!

Check out seven examples of completely useless objects that made their creators millionaires:

1. Pink Flamingos

How do you decorate your garden on a low-budget? In 1957, Don Featherstone was hired by Union Products and developed a garden ornament inspired by these graceful pink birds. Featherstone believed that plastic would be the most artistic material of the future and when Andy Warhol invested in its creation, the flamingos become a phenomenon. They may even be considered tacky, but have sold over 20 million units!

2. Snuggies

Snuggies are blankets with sleeves that have sold over 20 million units since its creation. They look absolutely ridiculous and that’s exactly why they sell! Its creator, Scott Boilen, knew how bizarre his invention was and invested in an intentionally tacky advertising. As a result, Snuggies made him a fortune.

3. “Easy” Button 

The “easy” button was initially part of an ad, but consumers liked the futility so much that the product was eventually sold. Despite not having any functionality, the “easy” button sold over 1.5 million units in the first year of its release – at $4.99 each.

4. Truck nuts

Chad Tombyll and David Ham had this absurd idea and fought for over ten years over who really came up with it first. This bizarre accessory that promises to spruce up your car sells over 500,000 units every year.


5. Singing Fish

This wall ornament was quite popular in the early 2000’s. The fish sings and dances to “Don’t Worry, Be Happy” and “Take me to the River”. Al Green has stated that most of the royalties he receives for “Take Me to the River” are due to this little fish. Can you believe it?

6. iFart

This is the modern day version of the Whoopee cushion. Joe Comm actually makes US$10,000 a day with his iFart app. The only thing this app does is imitate fart noises! Launched in December 2008, the app is downloaded more than 40,000 times a day in the Apple store.

7. Pet Rock

Don’t have the time to care for cats or dogs? How about adopting a pet rock? The Pet Rock was developed in 1975 and was sold in a box with “breathing” holes and straw “bed” for the pebble. For six months, it sold like water the United States. It sold about 1.5 million units at a cost of US$4 each. Its creator, Gary Dahl, became a millionaire overnight.


Can you think of any other stupid idea that actually worked out really well? Let us know!

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