1st gen Apple computer worth $200,000 is recycled by woman

A woman took a 1st generation Apple computer to a recycling station in Silicon Valley and dropped it off without knowing that it’s true value at auction was $200,000.


[Image Courtesy of Thenextweb]

The woman was clearing a garage when she found the Apple I, the first computer to be hand-assembled by Steve Wozniak, Steve Jobs and Ron Wayne in 1976. The computer has only 4kb of memory and was originally sold for just $600 with just 200 of them having been made. The woman didn’t realise how valuable the computer was and took it to a recycling centre in the Clean Bay Area and left it along with more boxes of electronics.


[Image Courtesy of Thenextweb]

A few weeks later a team as the centre came across the 1st gen Apple computer and realised its worth. The woman hadn’t left any contact information but the recycling centre said that they will give 50% of the money from the sale back to her and the vice president of the recycling centre said that he would recognise her if he saw her again.

Via [Thenextweb]